Todd convinced me to play hooky from work today. Blynne has an old moon buggy that he has been fixing up and tricking out. The three of us rode around the dunes.

Blynne supplied junk food, and Todd brought a Frisbee. We explored until dusk.

It was a fun day. I needed one.

the call

I told Todd about Jenny’s friends. He said I had to tell the authorities about this. He said that they were terrorists, and that had to be stopped.

I agree, but I know Jenny to be a good person. She must really think that she’s in the right.

I made the call, but I feel like a traitor.


I was not expecting this.

I met Jenny’s friends in the dark side last night. It turns out that Jenny is a ranking member of the Moon Freedom front. I was caught off guard by this revelation. Her friends that she had been keeping secret, were violent militants.

Their leader, a man named Buck, was furious when Jenny brought me to their base. He said I was an outsider who could put all of their careful planning in jeopardy. She told him, that she loved me, and that I could be trusted.

I shouldn’t have called them terrorists.

Buck had me thrown into what they called a holding cell, but was really just a closet. I was in there for hours. I lost track of how much time had passed. I was sure they were going to kill me.

Eventually, there was some muffled thuds from outside, and Jenny let me out. Two of her friends, my guards, were lying on the floor, unconscious. She said we had to sneak out, and that she was sorry that she got me into this.

We got to her car with no problem, and sped away as fast as possible, under the cover of darkness. I didn’t say anything to her the entire way back.

She dropped me off at my place, and when she looked at me, I knew how sorry she was. I kissed her on the cheek and left.

sound advice

Jenny is my first real girlfriend. I think I might think I like her more than I really do, just because she likes me. There are things about her I don’t like, but that is true about anyone.

I’m sure I don’t know her well enough to be in love with her yet.

Todd says to take things one step at a time. That seems like sound advice.
Tomorrow we’re going to meet her friends. They live within the dark side of the moon.

day after tomorrow

Jenny and I went to the Weeping Gardens today, and had a long talk. She’s told me she’s been afraid of letting me into her world, that she’s been afraid I’ll reject her.

She wants me to meet her friends the day after tomorrow.

I’m going to go, but I’m still not sure about this relationship. I want us to work, but I think that we aren’t going to.

break up

I told Jenny that I didn’t think we were working out as a couple.

She started to cry. She begged me not to break up with her. She said that everything was her fault for not introducing me to her friends, and she promised that she soon would, and that she thought that she was in love with me, and then she kissed me, and then she ran away.

I have never been so confused in my life.


I spent all day yesterday with my cat, Rufus, being miserable.

Jenny had a birthday party for one of her friends today. I wasn’t invited. I’m starting to think we’re not going to work out.

Todd was busy with rugby.

I think the moon breeds loneliness. I never felt like this on Earth.

power and prestige

Jenny got really upset when I told her I turned down the promotion. She told me I could have used that position of authority.

I really didn’t think that she was the type to seek power and prestige. Was I wrong? Maybe everybody wants power and prestige. I don’t understand these things.


I don’t think I want the promotion. I like my job now. Being a head scientist would mean I was responsible for more things I that I would have less control over. It would be a lot more stressful. I don’t need more money if it will cost me my job satisfaction.

The reasons for not taking the promotion far outweigh the reasons for taking it. So why do I feel guilty for not wanting the job?


The moon is very different from Earth. There are many people who can’t adapt. Every month, a rocket takes back a load of people back to Earth, people who can’t handle living on this majestic satellite.

Chad, one of the moonbase’s head scientists, is returning to Earth for good next week. My boss asked me if I wanted his job. I told her I had to think about it.


Todd and I explored a crater today.

I’ve been preoccupied by Jenny and Todd has been preoccupied by rugby lately, so just the two of us spending the day was nice. We found a skeleton in the crater.

I had a lot of fun, but I found myself constantly thinking about getting to see Jenny tomorrow.


Sometimes the moon doesn’t seem as magical as it used to be. I’ve been its visitor for long enough now, that some days I get absorbed in my routine, and forget where I am.

Today I saw a Vor’chatta, which is a type of moon-wraith. It was violet and shimmering, and as it passed through me, I felt the memories of those long dead.

How something that beautiful can eat the souls of the innocent is beyond me.


I like Jenny’s friends at work. Michelle and Danny are both good-natured and have a sharp sense of humor. Ruth doesn’t say much, but she seems nice.

Many of the people at the moonbase are openly racist toward moonians, but this group seems very non judgmental.

I hope they like me as much as like them.


I didn’t get to see Jenny today. She had plans with friends today. I was a little hurt that she didn’t invite me to come along, but I don’t want to seem like I was smothering her.
Todd was busy with rugby, so I wrote letters to people on Earth.


In the past few days I have learned a lot about moon farming. Jenny’s family is native to the moon. They tend moon octopi, so Jenny knows plenty about farming. She told me all about growing up on a farm.

I never knew farms were so scary.


Jenny and I saw Collation today.

I almost never like moonian movies. They just are plotted so different from Earthian ones. This one was halfway decent, up until the last act, which went off on a random tangent about filing. Stupid movie.

As bad as the actual movie was, the experience of spending time with Jenny in a tranquil moonian cinema was very nice. Thirty dollars well spent!


I’m still reeling from how wonderful the Fair was. There were rides and animals and games and exhibits. It was all really neat, but it was Jenny that made everything perfect. Jenny and I split off from her friends early on, which helped relax me. We ran all over the place.

We rode the Jumbler forty seven times straight. We set the record. Janie Stross from the Moon-Herald took a picture of us and wrote about it.

I spent too much money playing ring toss, but I won Jenny a stuffed Octopus.

Jenny and I get along really well. Today we talked on the phone for hours. We’re going to see a movie after work tomorrow. I guess she’s my girlfriend now. That’s kind of scary, but it feels good.


I kissed Jenny at work today. She was talking to me about her family and before I even knew what I was doing, I leaned over and kissed her. She got embarrassed and left quickly, but she was smiling when she left.

Tomorrow is the Fair.


I’ve been acting stupid about Jenny for a week now.

Today I told her that I’ve been crazy nervous about this upcoming date. She told me that she had been afraid that once I spent time with her, I would think she was uninteresting.
I told her that was exactly how I had been feeling.

I feel much less anxious now.


I called off of work today and spent the day hiking. I told my boss that it was because I was afraid of being blown up by Moon Freedom Fighters. She told me that was fine, that almost one in three employees were calling off today.

I’m honestly not sure if it is bombs or Jenny that I am afraid of.


The Moon Freedom Front threatened to blow up the Moon Facility where I work today. The building was evacuated.

Waiting outside while they searched for bombs was kind of scary but kind of fun. It was like a party where there could be an explosion.

They didn’t find any bomb. The upcoming Fair didn’t really worry me today.


When I pass Jenny in the halls at work, she keeps excitedly telling me how much she’s looking forward to this Saturday, when we go to the fair.

I’m going to blow it big time.


I wish that this whole Fair thing wasn’t a date.

I like Jenny. She’s funny, and fairly pretty. She’s always seemed nice. I just am not looking forward to acting like an idiot around her because I’m nervous, while her friends all wonder what she sees in the idiot.


Todd talked to Jenny’s friend, Michelle, who works with her in R&D. What he found out doesn’t make sense. Jenny does like me, and she’s very nervous and excited that I’m going to the Fair.

Why would anyone be nervous and excited about me?


Todd thinks Jenny is interested in me. I think she likes me, but not in a romantic way.

Actually, I hope the trip to the Fair isn’t a date. I want to be able to enjoy the Fair without all that date pressure.


Jenny in R&D asked me to go with her to the Lunar Fair next weekend.

She said that we’d be going up with some friends. I’m not sure if she’s asking a lot of people, or if this is a date.

Either way, it could be a lot of fun.