My Plan

I read Isaac’s dispatches, so I know about the boys’ trip to Muvidor. I am going to assume for now that they did go to Muvidor, and that something went wrong once they got there.

There may be problems along this line of inquiry, because I spent all of yesterday asking around, and nobody knows where Muvidor is.

Isaac’s previous entry said it was hidden under Astro City. No one from Earth seems to have heard of it, when I ask them and I haven’t found any friendly natives yet.

Tomorrow I will go to Astro City and see what I can learn.

Dispatches From Lauren

Wow, how do I start this?

Ok. Hi. This isn’t Isaac. This is Isaac’s sister, Lauren.

I came to the moon to visit my brother, but when I got here on Saturday, I was told that he had been missing for three days. He’s still missing.

They told me that he had just turned up from going missing the week before. His boss seemed to think that either Isaac would turn up fine, or that the timestream was about to be royally fucked. I couldn’t get a straight answer about what she meant by that.

So, I’ve been crashing at Isaac’s apartment for the past week, waiting for him to show up. It’s been excruciatingly dull. Yesterday, I was messing with his computer when I found the dispatches he had been sending to Earth.

So I wanted to tell you that he was missing. I also wanted to tell you that I am going to find him.


My cat Rufus has been so energetic and playful the past day or two. I think he missed me while I was sick and while I was lost in the timestream.

I felt guilty, so I bought him a ball filled with moonnip.


The rocket to Earth arrives in five days. With it, my sister Laura will arrive, and Todd will depart.

So in two days, Todd, Blynne and I will finally see what there is to see in Muvidor. We will have one last hurrah. Hopefully it will be a memorable one.


I awoke in Wisewoman Lawran’s bed this morning. She told me that I had blacked out for two days. I had been dangerously timesick, but now the fever has broken, and I should be fine.

I hope so. I can’t afford to miss anymore work.


I haven’t noticed any of the twisting and turning Wisewoman Lawran said would occur. I don’t mind at all.

All the craziness of The Time Stone has just been a mess. I envy everyone else on the moon, because they don’t remember any of it.


The past couple of days have been terribly difficult, as I integrate what I remember with what everybody else remembers. The worst part of the whole thing is Todd leaves in less than two weeks, and to him, all that stuff I remember us doing over the past two weeks he doesn’t. To him, it is as if I have been gone those past two weeks.

I explained to him the Time Crisis, and how we almost destroyed the moon. He says that he understands, but it isn’t fair to him. I know if it had been Todd to disappear right before I had to leave the moon for probably forever, I would be a little disappointed.

We’ll just have to make the next two weeks as memorable as possible.

twist and turn

Wisewoman Lawran and I have become friends again. It is quite strange to be around someone you know, who does not know you. I imagine it would be like befriending a famous novelist.

I’ve told her all about my adventures with The Time Stone. She told me that time would twist and turn behind me for a while. She couldn’t explain what that meant. The moonians have several words about time that have no Earth counterpart. They have a very different view from us regarding what time is.


I haven’t been fired. My boss said that she couldn’t spare me. I even think she believed my story about what had happened, about The Time Stone, and the Leprechauns, and the Chronostorm.

But, officially, I have been on family leave for the past two weeks. As soon as I “went missing,” my boss put in her paperwork that I was visiting my sick mother. That was very nice of her.

It isn’t all too often you see someone risk their neck for you like that.


This is crazy disorienting. Apparently, destroying The Tempus Stone knocked myself out of time for about two weeks.

Wisewoman Lawran says that the events of the past two weeks, as I remember them, will exist only as my own memories. She says that everyone else, herself included will not remember my existence for the past two weeks. In fact, Wisewoman Lawran, didn’t know who I was until I told her about The Tempus Stone. She had no memory of meeting me.

This means I’ve been missing from work for the past two weeks. I’m afraid I’ll be fired tomorrow.


Wisewoman Lawran’s ritual is nearly complete. In a few hours it will be time for me to destroy the stone, and I will correct the timestream, and save my friends from the time leprechauns.

At least I hope so.