tranquil reflection

The Ancients of Muvidor discovered a door to other worlds. One of the first worlds that they discovered on was the Moonian Heaven. I do not know all that happened after that discovery, but I do know that the Council of Eleders deemed it unholy and unsafe for Moonians to enter Heaven without walking down the Stairs of Tranquil Reflection.

And so Muvidor was destroyed in order to save the moon.

Over the years young moonians have found Heaven’s Door. None have been allowed to return. The secret of the door was considered too important to be revealed to the living.

This changed when Todd and I arrived.


It’s good to be back. A lot has happened since I left, and in the days to come I will try to explain as much as possible.

But today I just want to spend time with my friends, my family and my cat.


The Return

Hey, gang.

Surprise, I’m alive. We all are. We found Isaac and his friends, and we all made it back.

This makes us the first group of people to ever return from the ruins where Muvidor once was.

I’m a little fuzzy on the details, but apparently Muvidor contains a magic gate to moon heaven. Since Isaac and his friend Todd and I were all from Earth, they had to let us go. And our friends came with us. I’m not sure why they left heaven.

I think there was something else going on, as well. I think Isaac’s adventures with the Time Rock made the moon gods, or whatever it is that lives in moon heaven, scared of him. Just a hunch, based on how they acted around us.

I just re-read what I wrote. I went to heaven to rescue my brother whom the friggin gods were scared of. The weirdest thing in my life used to be the odor produced by Louis, my roommate’s stalker. Recently, the ante got upped.

So here we are, back safe and sound. We may not have made it back for Thanksgiving, but the fact that we returned at all is something for which I am thankful.

And on that saccharine note, I return control of this journal to Isaac. You may never hear from me again, but then again, I may start a journal of my own.

Suicide Mission

I am going to find my brother, no matter what, but I felt it was completely unreasonable for me to ask my friends to come along to what amounts to a suicide mission. So, after spending days assembling a team of crack explores, I told my team to fuck off, that their services were no longer needed.

Well, they were not having any of that. I was told in no certain terms that they were not doing this in order to save Isaac. They were doing it because they wanted to see Muvidor for themselves. They needed to know what was down there.

I had not known any moon natives before I got to the moon and met this bunch. But I am quickly learning how weird and spiritual they can be. I don’t understand why this place is important to them, but it is. Yesterday, I compared these suicide runs to drunken dares. That is not accurate. I don’t know why this is important to them, just as I suspect they don’t understand why I’m going to find my brother if I believe him to be dead.

Time to head out. If you never hear from me again, you’ll know why.

I Know, I’m an Idiot


I’ve been reading about Muvidor. My brother and his cronies obviously aren’t the first yo-yos to get the less than brilliant idea to check out the underground scene. According to Khupu’s clippings, on an average of three times a year, a group of explorers, usually college students, usually drunk college students, will head into Muvidor to see what there is to see.

No one has returned. Not for hundreds of years. Muvidor is officially a no-man’s land. Rescue parties are expressly forbidden. Apparently those rumors of certain death have good foundation.
There had been three expeditions already this year, before my brother threw his hat into the ring. Tomorrow, I’m about to become #5.

I’m Just Being Honest

So we spent all of yesterday and today assembling our crack team. We’ll leave for Muvidor Friday night. That’s moon time, not Earth time. The moon calendar confuses the hell out of me.

Look, I don’t want to go about things slowly like this, but let’s face it. Isaac has been missing for weeks. He is probably dead. This investigation will probably just serve to find out what killed him and why. If he’s still alive, and I haven’t given up hope, because he’s survived everything the moon has had to throw at him so far, so if he’s still alive, he’s probably in no immediate danger. He probably had amnesia or is being held prisoner or is lost. He can wait an extra couple of days so I can do things right.

One of those Moments

Yesterday I woke up very late in the day. It was one of those moments where you lie pinned underneath someone else’s arm, and you first calculate whether the owner of the arm wanted this to be a fun one time thing or the beginning of a beautiful relationship, and then calculate whether or not you can move the arm without the arm’s owner waking up.

The short version is Neeki isn’t looking for a girlfriend, which is fine with me, and is going to help me go into Muvidor.

One of the people who live on The Floor, a cat by the name of Khupu, fancies himself a bit of an expert on Muvidor. He says that he is writing his thesis on it.

When I asked him if he’d ever been to the ruins, he said no, that people keep away, for it is said to be patrolled by monsters that guard long lost treasures. I said “For real?” and he said, “Yeah, for real.”

But I ain’t backing out. I ain’t no pussy.

We’re going to assemble a team.

Neeki and Friends

Last night I fell in with a group of natives around the same age as me. I asked a girl in my hotel lobby if she knew where the cool kids went to eat. I think she was into me, because she invited me to hang with her crew. Her name is Neeki.

Apparently about a dozen kids going to Moon University rent out an entire floor of the Moon Arms. It serves as huge flophouse, with partying going on twenty four seven, or whatever the hell a week is on the moon. I’m still on Earth time, which I imagine is sort of like permanent jet lag, but I’ve never been on too keep bankers hours.

At any rate, I spent the night getting plastered with Neeki and her friends. We played Beer-Snrotz and a guy named Gunad played me in something that I swore was pool, but Gunad insisted it wasn’t.

I know what you’re thinking. I’m a terrible sister, my brother could be in danger, and I’m spending the night doing body shots out of Neeki’s navels. Well, smart guy, I’ll have you know that this was all in the name of research.

It’s standard operating procedure for a gumshoe to loosen an informant’s tongue with drink, in order to further her investigation. All the partying was strictly necessary to learn what these guys knew about Muvidor. Also, the shamus is supposed to sleep with the hotties.

On the Train

I am writing this on the train to Astro City. The public computers on the trains here are invaluable.

I forgot to mention in my previous entries that my brother’s friends, Todd and Blynne, are missing along with Isaac. This lends serious weight to the idea that something went wrong in Muvidor, rather than a Time Stone related disappearance.

Man, everything about this place is crazy-ass. I don’t understand whatthe hell went on with Isaac and the timestream, but things like that don’t happen on Earth. Time moves in one direction, regularly, like clockwork. There are no magic rocks that make things happen out of order.

There are also a real absence of ancient ruins where I come from, so Iwill have no prior ancient ruins exploring experience to draw upon, when I dive half-cocked into one trying to find and rescue my brother from some unknown danger. Isaac is much better at this funky moon shit that I am.