Lunch was surreal

I was eating lunch by myself in the cafeteria of my office building, goofing off on my computer. Sitting one booth over was a chick and a loud guy. And I can’t help but overhear snatches of what this guy is saying. I’m not eavesdropping, but I’m absorbing enough to take an instant dislike to the guy.
“Joplin was an ugly bitch, but she sure could sing.”
“I don’t listen to that Tupac shit.”
And the more I hear, the more fascinated I become, because I haven’t encountered such a blatantly offensive jackass in a while. And I find that I am eavesdropping.
As much as I dislike this guy, I really didn’t expect him to start singing the virtues of Hitler. But he does.
I listen in dumbfounded shock to this guy arguing the case for the final solution to his companion. Five feet away from me was an ugly motherfucker presenting the case for genocide. Casually, as you would discuss last night’s American Idol.
I know I constantly overestimate the larger body of my peers, but I really didn’t think people like him could still exist. Would not be shamed into silence.

I am a major civil libertarian. I believe in the right to speak freely. This is the only reason I did not confront this man. If I could do it over again, however, I would step over to him, look him in the eye, and tell him what an ignorant, offensive jackass he is.

The power is yours

Some questions:

1. Does Captain Planet have an existence beyond our ken? Or is his essence split in five between calls for assistance? In short, is being summoned an inconvenient burden, or is it the only access to a life he has?
2. By wasting 21 minutes dicking around before the inevitable caving, and asking the Captain for the bail, are The Planeteers not culpable for all the ecological damage that occurs in the interval?
3. “Captain” Planet? Captain of what? Is there a military hierarchy at work, or is it merely an honorific?
4. “Heart”? Are you kidding me?
5. Gaia is the Spirit of the Earth. Is it not possible, even likely, that her agenda may at times be counter to the best wishes of humanity? If so, where do The Planeteers’ loyalties lie?
6. Is the accepting of Gaia’s role of Spirit of the Earth a refutation of the Judeo-Christian vengeful father God model? Have The Planeteers all reconciled their various religious belief sets against the reality of a Earth Spirit?
7. Are any of The Planeteers “doing it” with their teammates?

I want Spike Jonz’ job.

I find that when I listen to music, I often think of it in terms of filmic qualities. Not just whether or not a piece would be good background music, but what sort of film to use, what sort of lighting, what type of shot. Does anyone else commonly do this?

You Can’t Ignore My Techno

I woke up this morning to discover a rave was happening beneath my head. Or at least, so it seemed. It was two thirty in the morning, and my pillows were vibrating with the power of techno. It was pretty good techno, I’d say, although I’m hardly a valid judge of such things, especially not at two thirty in the morning.

The hour of the wolf, the time between night and morning, looks different on this side, the early morning side. I have to say, I prefer the late night side. I miss the late nights, a casualty of my past two years living nine to five.

The asshole listening to loud music at an ungodly hour should be me. But likely not techno.