Websense finally sussed out that Livejournal is, NON-Productive. Now I have no magic goofoffland at work and am forced to do my job. Haha! Just kidding! I am forced to write meandering ill-conceived works of microfiction.

Perhaps it is time for something new.

Spending money is addictive.


Apparently, there is this internet web site called E Bay. It is a web site where people can sell things in auctions. Lots of things. I have purchased a copy of Fantastic Four #51: This Man, This Monster, aka We Sure Can Top The Coming of Galactus.

Must. Stop. Spending. Money.

So expensive, but so worth the money

Yesterday I ordered this:


Because, y’know, Jack Kirby was cooler than any other five men put together*.

Also, untoward reminded me of the upcoming release of this:


Yes, Amazon, you can have another hundred dollars, thank for asking.

*excluding Jim Henson


While everyone focuses on London, I wonder how many people have died in Darfur thanks to the Janjaweed militia today?

The world is kinda sucky.

The “E” is for tErrible!

A while back, in a moment of “seemed like a good idea at the time”, I watched MTV for 24 hours and posted regular commentary on the experience onto my website. It was so much torture fun that I’m doing it again this Saturday! This time, I’m watching 24 hours of E!, because MTV wasn’t empty enough for me.

You can read the original Empty Vee Project here. Yeah, I know, frames suck. I’ll fix the site when there’s peace… in space.

So stop by http://www.cautionwetfloor.com on Saturday to watch me watch TV.

Caution: Wet Floor Radio

I got a GMail account. It seemed like a good place to store big files that I wanted to share with people. We’ll see how it goes.

So right now, go to


username: wet.floor
password: cautionwetfloor

for a copy of Malcolm Sex’s classic tune, Motherless Children

(I totally stole the Gmail as datadump idea from ludickid. I don’t know how widespread the practice is.)


Well, I just paid ten bucks to renew my domain name for another year. I’ve barely updated the site in ages, preferring to braindump onto this here livejournal thingy, instead.

But if I’m going to pay to brand myself at a www.cautionwetfloor.com, well then, I need to do something with the brand.

I have a plan.

I (heart) Flipper Dipper

Ok, I’ve been called a geek by mlewys and asked to justify this assessment. Here goes:

1. Once my friend/cousin/roommate/writing partner, Troy, and I spend several hours over multiple days hashing out a Star Trek fan fiction story called “Worf Goes to Hell.” The story detailed Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire, Worf, after dying, going on a journey through several underworlds on a quest to return his wife’s spirit to Sto Va Kor, Klingon heaven.
At no point in time did I think “this is a really stupid idea.” Rather it seemed a good vehicle to explore the spiritual worlds of various Star Trek cultures. Yes, this really does seem worthwhile to me.

2.The next trade paperback I buy will be the second Jimmy Olsen trade. I’m guessing there are three types of people who might read this. a.) The people who know neither what a “trade paperback” nor a “Jimmy Olsen” is. These people are likely too distanced from geekiness to be reading my livejournal. b.) The people who are wondering why on earth I would be reading Jimmy Olsen comics, ‘cause, Olsen is totally squaresville. c.) The people who are thinking “Jack Kirby rocks!” Yes, he sure does.

3. I think “I Twiddle my Bone Flute” is funnier than “I’ve got wood for your sheep.”

4. Of the eight television DVDs on my must purchase list, the only show that isn’t a cartoon is a seventeen year old HBO political drama.

5. I used to have a buddy named Aaron. Aaron and I had strongly differing political views, but we always managed to put our differences aside in the name of peace. However, twice we got into arguments that nearly led to blows. Once was over who would win in a fight, Batman or Superman. The other was over which was better, Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat.

What I lack in geek depth, I make up for in geek breadth. Does anyone out there dare claim to outgeek me? If so post, your response on livejournal. There can only be one Iron Geek.


Gargoyles is coming back in comics form! Slave Labor Graphics has obtained the Disney owned license to Gargoyles, and is producing a bi-monthly full color comic book written by series creator Greg Weisman.

Gargoyles was an amazing kids action show from the 90’s. It was smart and cinematic and it had great characters. It told an epic story with all the elements that made superheroes awesome, without all the lame fetishes. When it was cancelled after 65 episodes, it was clear that the creator still had stories to tell. He made it clear.

For the past ten years, Weisman has been stoking the flames of the Gargoyles fan community. He’s been dangling the hope of a revival in front of the fans for years, giving them behind the scenes glances, episode by episode commentary, and the occasional hint of what he had planned for the future. He’s kept hope alive, and now he’s beat the odds and is going to be able to tell the “third season” of a children’s action show cancelled a decade ago. That, to me, is incredible.

First issue hits December or January.

Spread the word! Buy the first season DVD! Party like it’s 1996!