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WSBMICAS June Report.

It is the Summer of Nerd, and that means new meetings of the WSBMICAS.
This was our first movie in a few months, and it did not disappoint.
We were Isaac, Mitt, Adam, Stephanie, Tessa, and Jeff. We watched
Thomas in Love, the story of Thomas, an agoraphobic looking for sex in
all the wrong places. A French film it is told entirely from the
perspective of Thomas’ videophone. This description makes it sound
better than it is.

The film deals with Thomas joining a “dating club”, talking to medical
prostitutes, having sex with cartoon characters, and trying to get his
vacuum repaired. I can’t say that this was the creepiest French
cartoon sex that this club has watched together, but the movie sure
did try.

The broken vacuum sub-plot is like 12 minutes of screen time, and is
perhaps the most captivating part of the film.

The surprise hit of the evening were Jell-o Pudding Pops.

I’ll fight for him tonight.

Man, I’m a sucker for anthemic music. Y’know, those grandiose songs
that rally the listeners into some defiant stance. They climax, like
every musical ever. I know they’re easy manipulation, the musical
equivalent of winning the big game at the end of the movie but right
now I’m listening to “Dumbledore” off of Harry Potter & the Power of
Love, and the music is swelling and they’re declaring their love to
the fallen wizard, and inside I’m crying, and I’m thinking to myself,
“damn straight I’m a Dumbledore man, through and through,” and I’m
ready to get up and rise against the forces of you-know who, and then
I realize that I’m listening to Harry & the Potters, and then I cry on
the inside for a different reason.

Determined by science

I currently have the 3000th highest score on Pac-Man Champion Edition.
Since approximately everyone on the planet has played Pac-Man, we can
use science to determine that basically, I am the 3000th greatest
person alive.

Word Problem

Margo comes from a world that has base ten math using the arabic
numerals (0-9), same as ours. However the values of the numerals on
her world are different than on our world. Based on the following
expressions from Margo’s planet, rank Margo’s ten digits in order from
lowest to highest: