Xmasgeddon ’07 Swag Report

The thing I really like about Christmas is that I get to spend a lot
of time with my family. We always go to my Grandma’s house to
decorate her tree the weekend before, then we go to my mom’s on
Christmas Eve, and we finish the holiday off with everybody coming to
my house on Christmas Day. In the meantime, a lot of cookies and Chex
Mix gets eaten.

Something I’ve noticed about Xmas is that I always get good swag.
This year was no exception. I got two Lego sets, both of them very
cool. I got a nice assortment of toys and action figures. I got the
complete series of Doc Savage novels in PDF form, which is thousands
of pages to print out. I also got Doctor Who Operation, which is just
like the Milton Bradley classic, except your Dalek patient threatens
to exterminate you if you fuck it up. I also got socks! Sweet, sweet

Any of you get a present cooler than Doctor Who Operation?

Winter needs a stupid theme name.

I’ve been keeping very busy for the past six months or so.  First there was the SUMMER OF NERD, then there was the AUTUMN OF UNWISE ROMANTIC DECISIONS.  Now that winter is here, I think I need to slow things down and regroup.  

For me, 2007 has clearly been defined by my becoming single.  Which is natural and swell, but somewhere in 
recent times my life has become all about being single.  Enough of that. 

For at least the next month, maybe for the whole rest of the winter, I’m taking a break from girls.  No dating, no kissing, no sexing.  And, while I’m not going to be pushing my friends away, I am going to take a little more time for myself.  Time to take stock and assess.  Spend days with no agenda where I can play with my toys, and days where I sort through my shit and get my house in order. 

2008 is right around the corner…