Yet another random comics nerd thought.

So, The Juggernaut. Cain Marko. He’s Prof. X’s evil, jealous brother named
Cain. I got that. But somehow I never noticed that his last name was
punning on “Mark of Cain,” which is something you’d think I’d have caught
sometime in the past 15 years.

And speaking of the Mark of Cain, the biblical Cain was marked by God so
that he could travel without fear of harm. The 616 Cain has a magic charm
that gives him the power to move unimpeded. Also, they both have red hair.

This is all a lot more religious cutesyness than I normally expect from Stan

I am a giant dork, part a billion

So last night Ethan, Tony and I were fighting a lion. Tony had
confused it by using magic to create a fire right next to it, while
Ethan had freaked it out with some horrible shrieks. This was one
disoriented lion.

I drew my sword as I charged at it. It was so disoriented, that I
only needed to not roll snake eyes on 2D6 to hit it. I rolled snake

That’s ok, I still had a re-roll. I used it… and rolled snake eyes
again. Whoops.

So I lunged toward it, and ended up lunging myself straight into the
fire Tony had created. On the other hand Troy ruled that despite my
critical failure, the lion’s defenses were low enough that I still hit

So I rolled damage: 2D6+3. I rolled double sixes. That meant I got
to add an additional 2D6 to the total. I roll two more sixes. My
third roll: double fives. 37 damage. I rammed my sword straight
through from mouth to anus. Meanwhile I almost die from burns.

Dang, I love Savage Worlds.