I wish to set the record straight on a matter that has been misreported over the years.  Some people are under the impression that I dressed as Mr. Spock for my Seventh Grade class picture.  This is false.  In the portrait, I am clearly wearing a red command uniform of 24th Century Starfleet.  Spock is traditionally known to wear a 23rd Century uniform, in the blue color denoting the Fleet’s science division.  While Spock has been known to wear red, and to Command Starships, by the time of the 24th century he was no longer enlisted in Star Fleet, but was instead part of the Federation’s diplomatic corp. 

Furthermore, while in the 23rd century, Spock may have been the only Vulcan officer in Star Fleet, by the time of Picard’s Enterprise Vulcan officers were commonplace, most notably Doctor Selar of the Starships Enterprise and Excalibur, and Lt. Tuvok of the Starship Voyager.  Some may point out that unlike Tuvok and Selar,  I am a white male, and that in point of fact, apart from Spock, all notable Vulcans in Star Fleet are either female or black.  This observation ignores the greater issue, namely that Starfleet is not in the habit of making officers out of pubescents, Wesley Crusher notwithstanding.  Clearly I was not dressed as any specific Vulcan, but was merely dressed as a Vulcan everyman with the rank of Starfleet Commander.  Also, there were totally white dude Vulcans in the baseball episode of DS9.

At any rate, I was not Spock in that picture.  I am not, nor was I ever, that big of a geek. 

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