FCBD 2010

Tonight I am doing three things:  reading a stack of free comics, drinking some cheap plum wine, and blogging about it.

Free Comic Book Day Fraggle Rock:  Fraggle Rock is the third greatest puppet show in the history of television.  It is a hard show to explain and it aired on HBO, so not as many people have seen it as should.  In this comic book there is a delightful story where Boober decides to become a doozer and a mediocre story where the Fraggles all paint the World’s Oldest Fraggle.  This is all in promotion of the new ongoing series which I am buying.  The book is an anthology title which means the story quality varies wildly from story to story, but I will keep buying this book as long as they keep hiring lots of different artists to draw Fraggles.


Free Comic Book Day Mouse Guard:  This is some gorgeous depictions of some badass warrior mice doing badass warrior things.  Great art, but the story totally failed to engage.

Free Comic Book Day DC Kids Mega Sampler 2010!:  I am not the target demographic for this book, which is why I got one of these for my two year old daughter.  She loves it, although she is upset at the lack of Hawkgirl.  I love that there is a page of sub-laffy taffy caliber riddles hosted by the Riddler, and that it features an appearance by Angle Man. 

Atomic Robo/ Neozoic/ Box 12 Free Comic Book Day 2010:  This is the least awesome Atomic Robo FCBD book yet, which when you consider that it features a robot fighting Prehistoric Terror Birds in the south american jungle means that this book is pretty awesome.  Everyone who likes awesomeness should read Atomic Robo comics!

Bongo Comics Free-For-All!:  Much like the Simpsons itself:  Still kinda funny, but not worth my time.

Free Comics Day: The American Library of Comics:  I’ve read a lot of classic comic strip reprints in the past few years, but I’ve never read any of these.  It’s tough to judge a comic strip based on a few pages of samples but here are my impressions of the strips in this book.
Archie- Not very funny.  Weird to see pre-DeCarlo versions of the characters.
Polly And Her Pals – This has a great reputation, but the two Sunday Strips included in this book have failed to impress me.
Blondie – This is solid stuff.  Very different from modern Blondie. 
X-9: Secret Agent Corrigan:  Some great looking art.  I’m not impressed by the Archie Goodwin script but Al Williamson draws a great helicopter.  And I love helicopters.
Rip Kirby:  I would read more of this.
Li’l Abner:  Not sure what I think of this.  The regional dialect comes off as hokey, but the cartooning is great.  I would like to read more to better form an opinion.

Artifacts #0: Wow, this is very, very Top Cow.

Del Rey Showcase:  As a rule, I hate comic book adaptations of literary works.  I hate the literary works of Jane Austin, Stephen King, and Dean Koontz.  This book contains samples of comics based on the works of Jane Austin, Stephen King, and Dean Koontz.  And a comic book prequel to a movie adaptation of a cartoon I couldn’t get into.  Not a winning combination.  Also, the manga format stuff was impossible to read.

Archie’s Summer Splash!:  In this comic the Archies perform at Zowie-Palooza.  (also performing:  The Black Eyed Susans)  And Cheryl Blossom is a total bitch.  (I am only marginally familiar with this character.  Is she normally this horrible?)  And then in an oddly prescient turn of events an oil spill wreaks ecological havok on the beach of the neighboring town of Pembrooke. And then Jughead wears a tee shirt with a picture of a popsickle. And then Cheryl sings very badly.  And then Cheyl’s boyfriend realizes that if he can sit through her singing, he must truly love her.  This comic book is terrible but I love it so.

Lady Gaga: Fame:  This is a comic book about a fat middle aged guy who hates pop music but discovers that he likes Lady Gaga, although he is too ashamed to admit this to other people.  It also features a mini-biography of Taylor Swift.  Goddess bless pop culture.

The Puppy Sister:  Oh sweet damn, you can count the pixels on page 2 and 3 of this book. Everything about Bluewater screams class.

The Stuff of Legend:  Given that the flipside is an adaptation of book riding a Twilight wave, I was surprised to find that this one is actually pretty cool.  Not quite cool enough to spend money on, but pretty cool nonetheless.

It is late and I still have many free comics left to be read…