Me and Batman and Wonder Woman and Green Lantern

A Story by Riley  (Age 3)

Me and Batman looked for a cave to find bats because we like bats.  We tiptoed into the cave.  It was very very dark.  In the dark we saw two brown eyes.
And a black, long leg.
And another leg.
And another leg and another leg and another leg and another leg and another leg.
It was a spider.  it was so big.
I tried to defeat it, but it was too big so we ran away to my helicopter.  We flew away to the beach.
We brought goggles, a shovel, swimsuits, and lots of buckets.  There was a pink bucket, and a green bucket, and a yellow bucket, and a blue bucket.  I wanted everybody to have a bucket.  Batman had the yellow bucket.
We got out of our costumes and put on bathing suits.
In the ocean we saw a green tail.  Then we saw a crown and a face.  It was  mermaid.  She was nice but a little sad.  She was looking for all the other mermaids.
Me and Batman helped her find the other mermaids.  Then we saw another super hero with a lasso.  It was Wonder Woman.  She took off her costume and tiara and got in the water with us.
Then we saw another super hero with a power ring.  It was Green Lantern.
We got back in the helicopter and went back to the cave.
Wonder Woman got her lasso out, and lassoed it.  That’s what we did to the spider.
Then I felt something squishy between my toes.
Wonder Woman said “what’s so funny?”
I looked between my toes and there was a little tiny spider.  It was so nice.  The big one was so bad but the little one was nice.  We took her back to her mother.

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