The Apex

3.8 billion years ago life began with single celled organisms.  Over time, those organisms gave way to multicellular life, and from there, life just got more and more complex, until after billions of years we finally had animal life.  Over the next 600 million years animal life got more and more complex, eventually resulting in Homo Sapient, the wise man.

This is where things speed up.  Possessing the ability to use tools as well as a capacity for self-reflection, it took Man a scant 200,000 years to develop agriculture.  Farming lead to settlement.  Settlement led to civilization.  Civilization led to culture.  Over the next 10,000 years this culture evolved into to a beautiful social mechanism slowly and painfully spreading out across the entire landmass of the planet creating works of ever increasing beauty and complexity.  In the 200 years since the industrial revolution, things really began to speed up, and they began to speed even faster in the 20 years since entering the “information age”.
Now, a decade into what is laughingly called the “twenty-first century” terrestrial life has reached it’s apex.  All that replicating, that adapting, that striving has led to the single moment in time where, at long last this could exist:

That’s it.  The game’s over.  Time to put away the pieces and go home.

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