Days of Thunder – April 1964: Journey Into Mystery #103 part 2

Tales of Asgard, Home of the Mighty Norse Gods! “Thor’s Mission to Mirmir!”
Masterfully Written By: Stan Lee Magnificently Illustrated By: Jack Kirby Majestically Inked by Chic Stone Meritoriously Lettered By: Art Simek

jim 103

The Tales of Asgard stories have some unique Jack Kirby art. Every page is either a splash page or a grid of four giant panels.  This odd style choice gives the stories a wonderful epic tone.  It also probably let Kirby crank out the art a lot faster, but the end result looks gorgeous.

A pre-Blake, post-Hammer Young Thor goes on a mission to Mirmir. He is given a tiny pocket-sized ship by Sindri, King of the Dwarves, the race of folk who forge all of the enchanted weapons of Asgard. The ship, named Skipbladnir, can grow and magically take Thor to any place in the universe.

On his quest Thor faces the sort of obstacles one expects on this sort of heroic quest: hostile terrain, dragons, giant boar gods. Eventually he meets King Mirmir himself, who gives the godling a branch of Yggrdasill, the Tree of Life. The branch is used to drip some magic water onto some trees on Earth, now called Midgard, The trees turn into the first humans, Aske and Embla.

First Appearance: King Sindri, Skipbladnir, Skord the Flying Dragon, Gullin Mightiest of the Boar Gods, King Mirmir, Aske, Embla, Humanity

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