Days of Thunder – May 1964 Journey Into Mystery With The Mighty Thor #104 part 2

Tales of Asgard, Home of the Mighty Norse Gods “Heimdall, Guardian of the Mystic Rainbow Bridge!”

A tale told in splendor by: Stan Lee A drama drawn in glory by: Jack Kirby Inked by: Don Heck Lettering: Art Simek

jim 104

This it the story of Heimdall’s audition to become Guardian of the Rainbow Bridge to Asgard. Odin is considering three candidates. In addition to Heimdall, there is Agnar the Fierce who has the strongest lungs in Asgard enabling him to blow the massive Dragon Horn of Asgard,  and there is Gotrun the Agile who is, well, agile.

Heimdall argues that he is right candidate for the position due to his amazing senses. He is Heimdall the All-Seeing and All-Hearing.   He can look across not only space but also time. He showcases his ability to hear the tiniest plant growing in the heart of the hidden hills. It is for these abilities that Odin names him Guardian of the Rainbow Bridge forever.

First Appearance: Agnar the Fierce, Gotrun the Agile, The Dragon Horn of Asgard

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