Days of Thunder – August 1964: Journey Into Mystery With The Mighty Thor #107

The Mighty Thor “When The Grey Gargoyle Strikes!”

Written By: Stan Lee, who needs the money/ Drawn By: Jack Kirby, who enjoys the practice/ Inked By: Chick Stone, who loves the publicity/ Lettered By: Art Simek, whoever he is!

jim 107

Jane is mad at Don and that makes Thor sad, but when Jane runs into Thor he pretends that he is mad at Don, rather than telling her that he was totally cool with the doctor’s actions last issue. This turns out to be a good instinct, as he scares the hell out of Jane. She begs Thor to forgive Blake, telling him that she is in love with him.

She loves him! Overjoyed, Thor sails through the air, shouting his good news to random New Yorkers.

Meanwhile, we have the curious case of the Grey Gargoyle. A French chemist named Paul Duval accidentally imbues his right hand with the ability to turn anything it touches into stone for one hour’s time. If he touches a person, they are turned to living stone, and are petrified but otherwise fine after the hour is up. If he touches the rest of his body, he becomes encased in living stone but mobile. It is unclear how he is able to glove his hand.

Operating as “The Grey Gargoyle”, Duval has been performing supervillainy in Paris for months but he is unsatisfied.  Duval is a bit of a fatalist. He gazes at his piles of money and jewels and sighs. “These are meaningless! Sooner or later the police will track them down and seize them!”

Finally he finds a glimmer of hope when he learns that Thor is an immortal. He decides that if immortality exists, it is the only thing that can matter. Thus, he decides to steal Thor’s hammer, which he deduces to be the source of Thor’s immortality.

Thor and Duval meet and they tussle. The Gargoyle tries and fails to pick up the hammer. Thor gets turned to stone, but fleshifies when he reverts to Blake.

Unable to revert to Thor during the one-hour window of petrification, Blake limps into action himself. He makes some phone calls and using his connections to both Tony Stark and to a local TV station, he is able to rig a motorcycle to broadcast holograms of Thor, which he uses to distract the Grey Gargoyle.

Once he gains the villain’s attention, he lures him into a vehicular chase, culminating with the two of them crashing into the Hudson River. Blake swims to shore, while the Grey Gargoyle sinks like the stone that he is. As a bonus, Don’s act of heroism has put him back in Jane’s good graces.

First Appearance: The Grey Gargoyle

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    1. Oh Stephanie! I love that you caught that error but in order to win a No Prize one must explain why a seeming error is not actually an error at all. So… On the cover what we are seeing is clearly being viewed through a mirror.

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