Days of Thunder – August 1964: Strange Tales #123

Dr. Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts “The Challenge of Loki!”
Written by Stan (Miracle Man) Lee/ Illustrated by Steve (Marvel Man) Ditko/ Inked by George (Mystical Man) Bell/ Lettered by Art (Magical Man) Simek

strange tales 123

Strange Tales is a double feature book.  One of the stories  in this issue stars Doctor Strange.  He is the most powerful magician in the world,  a force for good living in Greenwich Village, New York.

From his Asgardian prison, Loki projects an image of himself to Doctor Strange. Loki tells Strange that his brother Thor is evil and that he plans to conquer mankind. Doctor Strange doesn’t fully trust Loki but given what we know about Thor, this story that Loki spins seems plausible.

Thor is miles away, but Strange uses his powerful sorcery to snatch Thor’s hammer away from him, in mid-flight no less. However, shortly after grabbing the hammer, Strange figures out that Loki is evil and they have a magic fight.

Strange attempts to trap Loki in the Purple Dimension, but Loki’s powers are far greater than those of Strange, and he laughs off Strange’s attacks. Strange plays defense long enough to return the hammer to Thor. Thor uses the mighty Uru metal in his hammer to trace back the enchantment, but Loki runs away before Thor shows up.

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