Days of Thunder – October 1964: Journey Into Mystery with The Mighty Thor #109 part 2

Tale of Asgard: Home of the Mighty Norse Gods! “Banished From Asgard!”
Presented by the greatest names in illo-dramatics: Stan Lee, Author/ Jack Kirby, Illustrator/ Vince Colletta, Delineator/ Sam Rosen, Letterer/ Living proof of the titantic talent which has made this series a smashing success!


There comes a day in the midst of a war with the Mountain Giants when Odin publicly banishes Young Thor from Asgard for dueling or something. This catches the attention of Arkin the Weak, described as cousin of Loki, which since he is an Asgardian, not a Frost Giant, presumably means he is also Thor’s cousin.

Arkin is in love with Knorda, the Asgardian/Human-sized queen of the Mountain Giants. (Not to be confused with the Ice Giants, Storm Giants, or Rime Giants) He betrays his people by leaking this news of Thor’s banishment to her, in an attempt to curry her favor.


Knorda uses this intel to mount an ambush against a lone Thor.  When attacked by a band of Mountain Giants, Thor leads them on a merry chase. It ends when he uses their size against them, luring them into a trap.

The entire banishment was a ruse to ferret out a suspected traitor and not only have they captured the enemy’s queen, but they have discovered the betrayer. Knorda is a class act, and she accepts her defeat and capture with grace and honor.

First Appearance: Knorda Queen of the Mountain Giants, Arkin the Weak, The Mountain Giants

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