Days of Thunder Recap Page: Pre-Kirby and Early Kirby

Thor powers

So to recap…

Doctor Donald Blake is a famous genius medical doctor living in New York City.  He is an amazing surgeon, specializing in neurosurgery but regularly performing all manner of surgeries.  He also has a small private practice where he apparently serves as a general practitioner. In addition to his medical endeavors, he once built a sentient nigh-indestructible android.

Doctor Blake is disabled. His right leg is lame, requiring his use of a walking stick. He is romantically involved with his nurse and only employee, Jane Foster. Outside of Nurse Foster, he seems to have little social life.

Doctor Blake frequently travels the world on various humanitarian trips. On one such trip, he randomly stumbled upon an enchanted stick that can transform him into Thor, Norse God of Thunder when he stamps it on the ground.  He now uses this stick as a walking stick.

Thor is the Norse God of Thunder. As a member of the Asgardian race he is immortal and incredibly strong, although ostensibly he is only at half-strength due to a punitive action of his father. His Asgardian physiology includes a chromosomatic gland, which determines personality. His body also emits a free-flowing aura of electrons, which can be detected by other Asgardians.

While initially it appeared that when transformed, Blake’s personality simply inhabited Thor’s body, over time Thor’s personality and memories became stronger and stronger. Now, regardless of whether they are in Blake’s body or Thor’s they seem to be a single, composite personality.

The gnarled stick that transforms Blake into Thor transforms itself into an enchanted Uru hammer which grants him a number of supernatural abilities. Thor is the only living being that can lift it, having earned that right incrementally through a series of noble deeds, although it can be lifted by mechanical devices. If he stamps it on the ground twice, he creates storms. If he stamps it three times he ends the storms. Four stamps create seismic activity.

The hammer can also be spun to create space warps, time warps, and time travel. Thor can throw it so hard that it will pull him through the air, giving him a version of flight. The hammer can detect the presence of Asgardians, and in particular has a psychic link with Thor’s brother, Loki.

Thor must remain in near-constant physical contact with the Uru Hammer.  If 60 seconds pass without Thor holding the hammer, he will revert to Doctor Blake and the Hammer will revert to a walking stick.  Fortunately, the enchanted hammer returns to Thor’s hands whenever it is thrown.

In addition to his hammer, Thor possesses a belt of strength which can amplify his powers. For reasons that are unclear, he seldom wears it. Valkyries keep it safe for him on Asgard.

Thor is the son of Odin, King of Asgard. He is Odin’s beloved favorite son, and his father has helped him on Earth on numerous occasions. However, Thor has made it know to Odin that he is in love with the mortal Jane Foster. Odin considers all mortals to be beneath unfit mates for his son, and he refuses to allow Thor to marry Foster or to reveal his true identity to her. This has caused much tension between father and son as of late.

Thor is brother to Loki, Prince of Asgard and God of Evil. Loki was born a Frost Giant but was adopted by Odin as a baby, conferring him with all the powers of a royal Asgardian. Loki is an evil schemer who hates his brother and is hated by Thor in return. Not as strong as Thor, Loki is a powerful magician and a shape shifter although water negates these abilities. He also shares a psychic link with Thor’s Uru hammer. He spends most of his time plotting against his brother and is constantly being punished by his father, who cannot help but love his evil son.

Asgard is the most powerful of kingdoms in a world that is connected to Earth by a rainbow bridge known as Bifrost. It’s inhabitants are known as the Aesir but are more commonly referred to as Asgardians. Their world is inhabited by a number of sentient races, including fire demons, dwarves, trolls, mountain giants, ice giants, storm giants, rime giants and vanna. Human life on Earth was first created by Asgardian magic.

Thor is a member of a team of superheroes known as the Avengers. Despite nominally being a superhero, Thor has done many things beyond the purview of superheroics. He once travelled to the future where he proceeded to conquer planet Earth. And in present day, he once nuked China.  These actions seem to fly in the face of the vow Thor has taken to never take a mortal life.

Thor has fought many super-powered enemies. After Loki, the most significant ones are the Enchantress, the Executioner, Mr. Hyde, The Cobra, and Zarrko the Tomorrow Man.

His most important allies are ostensibly the Avengers, consisting of Iron Man, Captain America, Giant Man, and The Wasp.  Despite his membership in their organization, Thor consistently rejects their aid in his own personal conflicts.

He also has two notable Asgardian allies, Balder and Heimdall. Balder is a gentle, kindhearted warrior. Heimdall is the stoic watchman guarding the rainbow bridge to Asgard, possessing astounding powers of perception.

Thor stars in the lead feature of a comic magazine titled Journey Into Mystery.  This incarnation of Thor was created by writer Stan Lee, and Illustrator Jack Kirby.  After the introductory adventure in issue #83, Thor’s early stories were written by Larry Lieber and illustrated by a variety of artists, most notably Don Heck.  As of issue #97 creators Stan Lee and Jack Kirby took over the book as the regular creative team.  They also began the Tales of Asgard feature, a series of five page stories that fleshed out the larger Asgardian world of Thor.

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