Days of Thunder – December 1964: Journey Into Mystery with The Mighty Thor #111

The Mighty Thor The Mysterious Mr. Hyde and The Serpentine Cobra Feel… “The Power of the Thunder God!”

Written with the mastery of Stan Lee/ Illustrated with the genius of Jack Kirby/ Delineated with the Delicacy of Chic Stone/ Lettered with the India Ink of Artie Simek

jim 111

Thor finds a secure spot to stash the unconscious time warped body of Jane Foster, and once he has done so, he fights Hyde and Cobra. Even at double-strength, they do not pose much of a challenge for the god of thunder.

Meanwhile, in Asgard, Balder does what he can to remind Odin of a time when the king was young and in love. Moved by Balder, Odin decides that while Thor is still forbidden to marry the young Earth girl, she is to be saved from death.

Balder embarks on a quest to reach Hardol, a mystic healer who lives far away, beyond the molten chasm. He rides past swamps of flame, past noxious eternal nightmare plants, and past the Valley of Swords, which is literally filled with upraised swords.

Balder also fights a not-to-be named phantom who’s very touch means death. Balder gambles that if this entity from another universe were to touch his sword, which was forged from a substance also from another universe, the being would be destroyed. His gambit works, and as Balder’s sword returns to his hand, the monster vanishes in a burst of red light.

Back on Earth, Thor is anguished. His time warp cannot be held indefinitely.  To attempt to do so would cause irreparable harm to the universe. As much as he loves Jane he cannot permit the temporal displacement he is creating to continue, and so he drops the warp.

One heart beat later, Balder’s sword drops from the sky. Attached to it is a vial and a note explaining it is for Jane. Thor feeds it to his love. As life returns to her, Balder’s sword slowly rises into the sky, returning to his hands. Fucking epic.

First Appearance: Hardol, Unnamed Phantom Who’s Very Touch Means Death,  The Valley of the Swords

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