Days of Thunder – January 1965: Journey Into Mystery with The Mighty Thor #112 part 2

Tales of Asgard, Home of the Mighty Norse Gods! “The Coming of Loki!”

Majestically written by: Stan Lee/ Magnificently drawn by: Jack Kirby/ Masterfully inked by: Vince Colletta/ Magnanimously lettered by Artie Simek

tales 112

Back when the universe was young, Odin needs to defeat many enemies in order to establish his reign. One such foe is Laufey, King of the giants of Jotunheim.  After a fierce battle, the forces of Jotunheim are defeated. Laufey attempts to regroup behind the defense of their castle, but Odin pursues his enemies back to their home and slays their king.

After the fighting ceases, Odin finds a baby. It is Loki, son of Laufey. Odin claims the child as his own, swearing him to forever be a son of Odin and the half-brother of Thor.

First Appearance: Laufey, Jotunheim, Baby Loki

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