Days of Thunder – May 1969 The Mighty Thor #164

“Lest Mankind Fall!”
Story and Art by Stan (The Man) Lee and Jack (King) Kirby/ Embellishment: Vince Colletta/ Lettering: Sam Rosen

Thor 164

Balder comes to Earth, seeking distraction from his growing feelings of love toward Karnilla. He soon finds the energy funnel that swallowed Sif and Thor.

In the future, Thor uses the power of Mjolnir to reverse the mystic time travel, sending himself, Sif, Pluto, a bunch of Mutates, and the Atomic Research Building back to the 20th century. A large-scale battle involving the U.S. Army, Mutates from the future, Norse Gods and the lord of the Greek Netherworld ensues.

Sif gets to let loose and kick some ass alongside her male counterparts, a spectacle made all the sweeter by its unfortunate rarity. Despite the strength and the valor of the Asgardians, Pluto seems to have them beat by his sheer raw power. However, Pluto’s scheme has not gone unnoticed on Mount Olympus. Before Pluto can vanquish his foes, Zeus intervenes, returning Pluto to the Netherworld, and returning the mutates as well. It is not entirely clear if the mutates are returned to the bleak future that is Earth’s destiny, or if they are sent to the Netherworld with their master.

In the aftermath of the battle, the mysterious specimen within the Science Building awakens!

First Appearance: Athena

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