New Pope! He’s a dickweed!

Benedictine XVI aka Joey Ratzinger vilifies relativism, secularism, gays, and women who don’t know their place! Much like the old Pope! Handpicked by God!

3 thoughts on “New Pope! He’s a dickweed!”

  1. Lord!! The old Pope didn’t look scary and evil like that! That man is practically glowering and revelling in victory. “Now my evil plans will come to fruition,” he thinks to himself.

    I wonder what his evil plans are.

    1. yikes, he does look a little creepy. something about those eyes…..

      and it’s a shame that he’s another conservative pope. i was kind of hoping for one that would say it’s ok for people to use condoms. i guess i’ll just have to wait until the next pope or so for that.

  2. I didn’t know he deserted the army. Still though, I’d have died. I know that goes against logic, but there it is. Fact remains: it was what it was, whether he was coerced or not, the “expected of him” line…Plus all the stuff you mentioned, which is basically how old john paul was too.

    Maybe I’m just whining because I miss seeing the less scary pope wearing the silly hat. That picture they have of him everywhere is horrid, vatican press, propaganda whatever should have another one taken lest he scare little catholic boys and girls far far away from the faith.

    Oh yeah–We still wanna get together with you and tessa–someday this will materialize. Pick a restaurant, we’ll work something out.

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