Bison Stampede

Farmers in the West left bison stable gates open. In the morning Scorpion Wells had a stampede. 24 injured, 13 dead. 84 alive. Hospitals in the West full.

Rainbow in Italy

Italians woke to a pleasant surprise. A rainbow! The Italian Alister Krie called his American cousin and told him.

Starry Night Steal

Painting Starry Night by Mr. Vincent Van Gogh appeared after the disappearing of this wandering painting.

A Mystery Time

In Series Batman [Illegible] episode canceled because ruining children’s minds puberty.

Funeral Rob

After Warren Walsh’s death, a grave robber succeeds. Will we catch him?

Disney Movie Canceled

“Spy”, a new horror movie sent from Hollywood, sent back to Hollywood, declaring cancellation.

All news items by Riley (age 7)

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