Days of Thunder – June 1974 The Mighty Thor #224

“No One Can Stop… The Destroyer!”

Gerry Conway, writer/ John Buscema, artist/ Mike Esposito, inker/ John Costanza, letterer/ G. Roussos, colorist/ Roy Thomas, editor

thor 224

With Krista’s life in unspecified danger for unspecified reasons, Thor become Doctor Donald Blake once again so that he might save his friend’s sister. Blake winkingly lets Hercules know about his dual persona before suggesting that the Lion of Olympus go find something else to do.

Blake’s arrival in the hospital causes quite a stir. “Good Lord, man – we thought you were dead! Where have you been all these months?” Despite his long absence, Blake is given carte blanche to perform surgery on Krista.

Later, after saving Krista’s life, Dr. Lois Reddy introduces herself to Dr. Blake. She compliments his skill, but questions his long inexplicable absences, pointing out that many people surely died that would have lived if he had been there to operate.

This is the first time in a long time that Blake has been left in human form for any sort of protracted period, and he realizes he isn’t sure he likes his Thor half, musing that Thor “may have already destroyed most of what’s human and good in Don Blake!” This is hard to argue against.

After Thor’s last encounter with the Destroyer, way back in issue #152, Odin stole it from police custody before apparently hiding it in South America. Unfortunately, it has been discovered and brought to New York by a scientist named Clement Holmes.  Predictably, his consciousness gets accidentally sucked into the Destroyer.

The Destroyer heads back to the location of its most recent fight with Thor, intending to resume the battle with Thor it was unable to finish six years ago. Instead, it discovers Hercules and attacks him.

Blake gets word of the fight, turns into Thor and joins the fray. He sends Hercules on a quest to somehow find the body of the person powering the Destroyer, while he remains behind to hold the Destroyer at bay.   As they fight, the Destroyer wrenches Mjolnir from Thor’s hands. Thor now has sixty seconds to reverse that, or it will be Doctor Blake vs. the Destroyer!

First Appearance: Dr. Lois Reddy, Professor Clement Holmes


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