Days of Thunder – October 1974 Marvel Team-Up Featuring The Human Torch and Thor #26

“The Fire This Time…!”
Len Wein, writer/ Jim Mooney, artist/ Frank Giacoia & Dave Hunt, letterer/ Roy Thomas, editor

mtu 26

Johnny Storm, the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four stumbles upon Molto, the Lava Man, who has come to the surface world, searching for Thor.

The Torch writes a message made of flame in sky, addressed to Thor,  asking that the Thunder God meet him at the top of the Statue of Liberty, which is the Torch’s normal place to meet with Spider-Man.

Doctor Donald Blake, on the way to the hospital, presumably to perform brain surgery, sees the message and blows off his plans for the evening, transforming into Thor. Upon Thor’s arrival, Molto explains to the thunder god that the subterranean Lava Men have been at war with the mole people who also live beneath the surface. The leader of the Lava Men, Jinku plans to use a machine stolen from the mole folk to simultaneously erupt every volcano on the surface. Horrified, Molto has escape to warn Thor, and now, having relayed his warning, Molto perishes.

Thor and the Torch travel to the homeland of the Lava Men, only to discover that they have been expected. Jinku needs a power source for his volcano machine, and he believes Mjolnir suitable. Both Thor and Johnny are debilitated,  and afterward Jinku uses a lava-based construct to lift Mjolnir, correctly guessing that while living beings cannot lift Mjolnir, machines can.

Jinku places Mjolnir in the volcano machine, which begins to work. However after 60 seconds, it stops, as Mjolnir has been replaced by a simple wooden stick. In the confusion, the now-transformed Blake is able to snatch the stick and become Thor once more. Meanwhile the Torch has also rallied, but he has gone and recruited a large force of Mole People.

In the ensuing battle, Jinku and the Lava Men are defeated and chastened.

First appearance: Jinku


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