Days of Thunder – October 1974 The Avengers #128

Steve Englehart Story & Color/ Sal Buscema, Art/ Joe Staton, Embellishment/ Tom Orzechowski/ Lettering/ Roy Thomas, Editor

“Bewitched, Bothered, and Dead!”

Avengers 128

The former Avenger Quicksilver and the Inhuman Crystal have just wed. The Fantastic Four and the Avengers were both in attendance. The festivities were interrupted when Ultron-7 attacked but the robot was easily dispatched by Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman’s young mutant son, Franklin Richards. As they go their separate ways, Mr. Fantastic expresses hope that the next time that they all meet up for a Superhero wedding, things will be more quiet. Thor, who has long been betrothed to the Lady Sif, comments “I expect any such time to be far distant, thank Odin!”


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