Days of Thunder – July 1976 The Avengers #149

“The Gods and the Gang!”
Steve Englehart, Story/ George Perez, Art/ Sam Grainger, Inks/ Tom Orzechowski, lettering/ Hugh Paley, coloring/ Marv Wolman, Editor

Avengers 149

Thor, goaded by Moondragon, comes to realize that the Avengers are holding him back. As Moondragon puts it, he is “slumming.”

After singlehandedly saving the bulk of his friends from some crooked industrialists, he gives a speech. “I am not slow-witted, but my task in the All-Father’s plan doth concern itself more with action than reflection! What I saw not till this battle is that, to adapt to ye mortals I have accustomed myself to withhold my full might! ‘Twas a gradual thing. In Asgard, I have struggled ‘Gainst Gods. On Midgard, we have met mostly human menaces. To avoid the murder of these men – and to avoid the humbling of my friends– I cam to act as less than I am. To thrill to the thunder of battle, I forgot that I am the god thereof!”

It seems that Thor is ready to quit the Avengers.


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