Days of Thunder – December 1976 The Mighty Thor King-Size Annual! #5

“War of the Gods!”
A Saga Stirringly Told by: Steve Englehart, writer * John Buscema & Tony Dezungia, artists/ Tony San Jose, letterer * Don Warfield, colorist * Archie Goodwin, editor

Annual 5

This is the fifth Thor King-Sized Special, although the specials have been rebranded as “annuals”, which is absurd, given that the last special was printed ten years prior. It is also the first one since King-Sized Special #2 to feature new material.

It also is somewhat problematic. Non-regular Thor-writer Steve Englehart has told a lengthy Tale of Asgard that directly contradicts much of what has been established before. It diverges from the source material widely enough and in enough places that for the purposes of this project, I am provisionally treating this story as non-canonical. However, if any other Marvel comic down the road references this story, I will revisit it and apply as many no-prizes as necessary to jam it into Marvel canon.

Canonicity notwithstanding, it’s a neat little story with a great 6-page prologue.


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