Days of Thunder – December 1976 The Man Called Nova #4

“Nova Against The Mighty Thor”
Marv Wolfman, Writer/Editor/ Sal Buscema & Tom Palmer, Artists Supreme/ Watanabe & Denise Wohl, Letterers/ Michele Wolfman, Colorist

Nova 4

Richard Rider is a teenager who was recently zapped with a lightbolt from outer space that granted him superpowers before being given a suit of space armor that threw in some additional powers. He has used these new powers to become a novice superhero in Long Island.

Thor has come to Earth briefly to inform his compatriots in the Avengers of his search for Odin. Having done so, he prepares to return to Asgard, when he encounters a burning building with a person trapped inside. He uses his power of the storm to stop the fire, and goes to help the person within, only to find a strange goblin of a creature calling itself The Corruptor.

The Corruptor claims to be pure evil and upon touching Thor spreads its evil to Thor. Thor is instantly filled with hate and becomes subject to the commands of the Corruptor. His master has nothing more specific in mind than for Thor to spread destruction, so Thor goes on a rampage.

This leads to Thor and Nova fighting until the effects of the Corruptor wear off.  They then team up and defeat the Corruptor.  Afterward, Thor decides to dump the Corruptor into Tony Stark’s care.

First Appearance: The Corruptor


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