Days of Thunder – February 1979 The Mighty Thor #280

“Crisis on Twin Earths!”
A Special Super-Sensation by… Roy Thomas, Writer/Editor * Wayne Boring, Guest Penciler * Tom Palmer, Inker/Embellisher/ Joe Rosen, Letterer * C. Gafford, Colorist * J. Shooter, Consulting Editor
From a plot by Don and Maggie Thompson


The Avengers have in the past encountered a group of super powered villains known as the Squadron Supreme and have also encountered a group of nominal heroes from a parallel universe known as te Squadron Supreme.  The two groups are alternate  versions of, er, each other.

Thor has been tracked down by Hyperion, the semi-heroic Hyperion from another universe, not the evil Hyperion native to Thor’s Midgard.  Hyperion is making a movie about the time that he and his superpowered teammates enforced the will of a corporate state until the Avengers came to their universe and overthrew that regime.  Hyperion wants the Avengers to play themselves in this dramatization.

None of the rest of the Avengers are available.  Thor, who of course, has done this sort of thing before, has soured on the notion of being behind the camera after Harris Hobbs recent excursion to Asgard went so poorly. Thor nonetheless agrees to let Hyperion give him a tour of his world.

Thor and Hyperion are followed by the evil Hyperion of Thor’s universe.  Complications ensue and Thor is sent back to his world while the evil Hyperion remains at large.


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