The List – Video Games


What follows is a list of every video game I’ve played to completion in the past 11 months, ranked from least-favorite to favorite:

13. Batman: Arkham Knight
12. Rebel Galaxy
11. ZombiU
10. The Witness
9. Roundabout
8. Galak-Z
7. The Witcher III: Heart of Stone
6. Uncharted 4
5. Dark Souls III
4. The Last of Us: Left Behind
3. Doom
2. The Banner Saga
1. Tharsis

This list is both deceptive and short, because over 100 hours of my video game playing time was spent playing Xenoblade Chronicles X, but as I have not finished the game, I can not include it on my list.

This is the fewest games I’ve played in a year since the year I got my original XBox. Little more than one a month.  I have such a backlog.

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