Indeed, many things come to pass

In the past week

Brandise’s DVD player has busted.

My Xbox out-of-warranty red ringed.

I hit a deer with my car.

My computer got a virus.

Brandise’s car CD player died, eating a CD in the process.

I ripped my pants at work.

And Brandise threw out her back.

Pardon my language, but what the hey?

2 thoughts on “Indeed, many things come to pass”

  1. ed’s xbox recently red-ringed. fortunately, the critical error that it got was the one that xbox covers, even if it’s out of warrenty. hopefully it’s the same with yours? apparently, xbox will fix it up to four years after purchase date or something like that.

    also, i think this past week has been the week from hell for everyone, not that it helps your situation out any. but now that my birthday is over, the planets can properly align again and all things can go back to normal.

  2. The curse of the pants rears its head once more.

    How badly was your car damaged?

    Tell Brandise I hope her back feels better soon.

    Fortunately you can get a no-frills DVD player for 30 bucks, or at least you could when we got ours a year or so ago.

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