Days of Thunder – August 1962: Journey Into Mystery #83

Thor The Mighty! and “The Stone Men from Saturn”

Plot by Stan Lee, Script by Larry Lieber, Art by Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott

jim 83

The first Mighty Marvel adventure to feature Thor was a straightforward tale. A lame American physician named Doctor Don Blake is visiting Norway, when the country is invaded by green rock-skinned invaders from the planet Saturn. Pursued by the invaders, Blake hides in a cave, where he discovers a secret chamber that contains naught but a gnarled wooden stick.

Still trapped in the cave and fearing capture by the aliens, Blake strikes the stick against a boulder in frustration. Upon doing so, he is transformed into a tall, muscular, becaped man, with long flowing hair and a helmet with wings on it. The stick has become a hammer bearing the following inscription:


Blake, startled to discover that he has been transformed into a Nordic thunder deity, begins experimenting. He soon discovers all sorts of complicated rules governing the hammer. If he goes sixty seconds without holding the hammer, he reverts to human form (wearing, for some reason, different clothes than he was wearing pre-transformation). He can create rain or snow, his hammer will return to him like a boomerang, and he can hurl it with so much force it will pull him through the air. The hammer does specific things when you stamp it on the ground as follows:

One stamp – Switch to human, or vice versa

Two stamps – Create storms

Three stamps – End storms

Blake uses his new abilities to beat the crap out of some Saturninans and their Mechano-Monster. They flee, assuming the Earth to be filled with muscular hammer-wielding defenders. Blake reverts to human, taking his new super-artifact with him by rite of finders keepers.

First Appearance: Doctor Donald Blake, Thor, Mighty Uru Hammer, Stone Men from Saturn

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