Captain America: The Winter Soldier as retold by Riley (age 6)

winter soldier

On Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Nick Fury gets shot by the Winter Soldier but can Steve save Nick? Later, Steve is frozen but he is unfrozen and he fights Hydra but then he gets in a big fight. Later, Steve finds out that Hydra is up to no good. So Steve goes with his friends and they fight Hydra and then Steve finds out that his friend Bucky was brainwashed.

When they are on the Hydra ship they fight the boss of Hydra and they find some magic objects and take them back to their place and Steve remembers that Bucky was the person who fell off the mountain. But when Hydra found him, they brainwashed him and Steve was very angry. But when Steve is frozen, the Fantastic Four and their son Franklin Richards, son of Reed and Sue Richards, help Steve get unfrozen. And then he finds his friends and Steve lost the USB drive by the candy center. He helps his friends and frees Bucky and they also convince Hydra to join the good team.

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