Dispatches From Lauren

Wow, how do I start this?

Ok. Hi. This isn’t Isaac. This is Isaac’s sister, Lauren.

I came to the moon to visit my brother, but when I got here on Saturday, I was told that he had been missing for three days. He’s still missing.

They told me that he had just turned up from going missing the week before. His boss seemed to think that either Isaac would turn up fine, or that the timestream was about to be royally fucked. I couldn’t get a straight answer about what she meant by that.

So, I’ve been crashing at Isaac’s apartment for the past week, waiting for him to show up. It’s been excruciatingly dull. Yesterday, I was messing with his computer when I found the dispatches he had been sending to Earth.

So I wanted to tell you that he was missing. I also wanted to tell you that I am going to find him.

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