Days of Thunder – September 1963: Journey Into Mystery #96

The Mighty Thor! Defying the Magic of… “Mad Merlin!”

Plot: Stan Lee/ Script: R. Berns/ Art: Joe Sinott

jim 96

Nurse Foster is understandably angry with Doctor Blake because every time he hears of an emergency on the radio, he blows off his patients and locks himself in his lab for hours on end. She tells him, “I kept making lame excuses to your patients!” which is in questionable taste given who she is talking to.

Later, Merlin wakes from a thousand year sleep and decides to become President John F. Kennedy’s adviser.  Merlin is not a real wizard, he is a mutant.  He challenges Thor to a duel because he believe the thunder god to be the only threat to his plan. Thor convinces Merlin that he is a shape-changer by turning into Doctor Blake. Cowed by this show of power, Merlin agrees to go back to sleep for another thousand years.

First Appearance: Merlin, John F. Kennedy

2 thoughts on “Days of Thunder – September 1963: Journey Into Mystery #96”

  1. I don’t understand. What is Merlin’s mission in life? Why 1,000 years?

    Dr. Blake sounds like the worst boss. How can he keep patients!?

  2. Merlin likes to be the power behind the throne.

    Dr. Blake is a totally awful doctor. He is so busy traveling the world and fighting crime and building invincible androids. He never has time for the practice. Or for love.

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