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Days of Thunder – August 1969 The Mighty Thor #167

“This World Renounced!”

By Stan (The Man) Lee and Jack (King) Kirby/ Vincent J. Colletta, Embellishment/ Artie Simek, Lettering

Thor 167

With Thor being sentenced to search for Galactus, Balder decides to return to Earth to protect it on behalf of Thor. This is observed by Karnilla, who is using her sorcery screen to spy on the object of her heart. Loki is visiting her,  watching the proceedings with interest, when Haag brings the queen a sculpture of Balder, fashioned out of mystic Enchanti-Clay. Loki sees an angle, and grabs the sculpture. Whatever fate befalls the sculpture, befalls Balder, and so Loki clouts the doll on the head, which badly injures Balder on Midgard.

Before Thor heads out on his quest to seek Galactus, he petitions Odin for the chance to set his affairs in order on Earth. This request is granted and Thor returns to Earth, where he soon finds his friend, now badly injured thanks to Loki.   Naturally, he transforms into the foremost expert of Asgardian medicine on Earth, Doctor Donald Blake. Immediately, Loki attacks Blake, grabbing his walking stick. No sleight of hand this time.

Loki is lording over Blake’s powerlessness, when the image of Odin appears before him, compelling Loki to return the cane. Loki refuses; he has rightfully won the cane in battle by the rules of the Code Imperial. Odin counters by saying whoever holds Mjolnir must search for Galactus. That is enough to get Loki to return the stick and depart.

Blake performs a brilliant life-saving surgery on Balder before departing to begin his quest. As he leaves, his doctor colleagues comment on Blake.  He is brilliant but he is strange and so rarely to be found.

This is Vince Colletta’s last issue of Thor. For the past 50 odd issues, Vince the Prince has delineated the art of King Kirby. He’s not remembered as one of the great Kirby inkers, nor should he be, (Such is the power of Kirby that “Kirby Inkers” is a specific topic of discussion and debate) but Kirby’s Thor is in a very real way Colletta’s Thor. His “scratchy” style on Kirby’s pencils helped give Thor a different look than Kirby’s other Marvel output.

First Appearance: Enchanti-Clay

Days of Thunder – July 1969 The Mighty Thor #166

“A God Berserk!”
Brought to you in all its glittering glory by: Stan (The Man) Lee and Jack (King) Kirby/ Valiant Vinnie Colletta, Embellisher/ Slammin’ Sammy Rosen, Letterer

Thor 166

Thor becomes enraged at the prospect of Sif being captured and potentially raped by Him; he swears to destroy his foe. Balder tries to calm Thor down, “Ne’er before didst thou crave battle, noble prince! Only in defense have I known thee to wield thy hammer!” Clearly, Balder willfully misunderstands his friend nature.

Thor is caught in the grip of Warrior’s Madness and cannot be soothed. He does manage to follow Him using Mjolnir. He then beats on Him repeatedly until He creates a defensive cocoon and flies off into space. Sif has been freed but Thor is guilty of giving in to Warrior’s Madness. It is the law of mulitple-genocide-perpetrator Odin that no warrior is to fight an opponent without giving them an opportunity to yeild. As punishment for his bout of Warrior’s Madness, Thor is to be launched in a rocket beyond the universe and beyond the end of time in order to seek out Galactus.

First Appearance: Warrior’s Madness

Days of Thunder – June 1969 The Mighty Thor #165

Produced in a paroxysm of passion by – Stan (The Man) Lee and Jack (King) Kirby/ Vince Colletta, Embellishment/ Artie Simek, Lettering

Thor 165

After their battle with Pluto, the three Asgardian warriors stand in a pose of triumph upon a moving tank for over an hour as the Army holds a parade in celebration of their Deus Ex Machina victory. Afterward, the Asgardians enter the Atomic Research Center to discover what it is that Pluto considered so important.

The answer is  a super-being answering only to the name “Him”! Some time ago a secret society of scientists artificially created a man of almost limitless power. Possessing bright orange skin, and radiating blinding power, He judged his creators as evil and killed them before fleeing the Earth. Through a series of mishaps, He ended up cocooned in the Atomic Research Center but now Ge is awake once again.

When the Asgardians find Him, He reaffirms his desire to avoid all other people… except Ge wants to mate and has decided to take Sif as His mate, regardless of her own desires. Super icky.

With little preamble, He grabs Sif and creates a Solar Vortex to teleport them to a distant dimension. Apparently Solar Vortices are a form of storm, because Mjolnir can replicate the Vortex, allowing Thor and Balder to follow.

They catch up with Him and Sif but just as a fight was about to break out, a giant hand reaches out from across space, attempting to ensnare Balder. It is the magic of Haag of the Norn, who I presume to be the woman previously referred to as “the Norn Hag”. She is working on behalf of Karnilla and attempts to pull Balder through the dimensions into Karnilla’s domain.

Thor defends his friend with the full power of the storm, which issues forth from his hammer. Haag retreats in the face of this assault, but while Thor and Balder were distracted, their quarry teleported with Sif a second time and now they may have lost the trail, perhaps forever!

First Uncocooned Appearance: Him