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Days of Thunder – June 1964: Journey Into Mystery With The Mighty Thor #105 part 2

Tales of Asgard: Home of the Mighty Gods “When Heimdall Failed”
Written By… Stan Lee/ Illustrated By… Jack Kirby/ Inking… Geo. Bell/ Lettering… Art Simek

jim 105

King Brimer and Queen Nedra of the Storm Giants want to attack Asgard but the task is seemingly impossible.  How can they launch an offensive while Asgard is guarded by All-Seeing, All-Hearing Heimdall?   Nedra has a plan.

She summons a Vanna, a fairy-like creature of the air. He can turn himself invisible, and move silently, so Nedra commands him to sneak past Heimdall and scout the secrets of Asgard. He does so, although Heimdall feels compelled to swing his sword as it passes.

Inside Asgard, the Vanna surveys the military forces of Asgard, including a sweet-ass bulldozer tank that is pure Kirby magic. He is spying on Odin himself when Heimdall reports that he suspects that danger is near. Odin trusts his guard and he commands the unseen presence to reveal itself. Odin captures the tiny spy and commends Heimdall for speaking up even though it might have made him look stupid.

First Appearance: King Brimer, Queen Nedra, the Vanna