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Days of Thunder – August September 1978 What If Jan Foster Had Found the Hammer of Thor? #10

“What if Jane Foster Had Found The Hammer of Thor?
Don Glut, Writer/ Rick Hoberg, Artist/ Dave Hunt, Inker/ C. Gafford, Colorist/ Carol Lay, Letterer/ Roy Thomas, Editor/ J. Shooter, Consulting Editor


“What If?” is a comic book magazine that reveals how events would have played out for the superheroes of Marvel, if major events had unfolded differently. This issue examines what would have happened if it Doctor Donald Blake had brought along Nurse Jane Foster on the fateful vacation where Blake originally found Mjolnir.

In this version of events, Blake and Foster are together when the Stone Men From Saturn attack, and after Blake drops his walking stick, it is Foster and not Blake who ends up trapped in a cave with the gnarled stick that is actually Mjolnir in disguise. She picks it up and taps it on the ground, initiating the transformation into Thor that was intended for Blake. Evidently, despite the elaborate scheming of Odin designed to turn Blake into Thor, Jane Foster is herself worthy of the mantle of Thor and so she transforms into a female incarnation of Thor.

Jane, much like Blake in his early days as Thor, has none of the memories or knowledge of Thor. She decides to call herself by the arguably more feminine name of “Thordis.” Thordis makes short work of the Stone Men from Saturn, rescuing Blake.

In the weeks to come, Thordis fights the same threats that Thor had faced in his early crimefighting career and handles herself as well, if not better than Thor had in the default timeline. Not needing a walking-stick, she has carved the stick into a wooden hair-brush that she keeps in her purse.

Eventually, Thordis is summoned to Asgard. Odin is shocked and appalled to discover that it is a mortal woman that has come to wield Mjolnir, and there is enough wiggle room in the text to say that his concern is not over her gender, but over the fact that she is a random non-Blake mortal. Odin banishes Thordis from Asgard.

Sif takes this turn of events poorly. She loves Thor and is now worried that he will never return to Asgard.  She travels to Midgard and proceeds to seduce Doctor Donald Blake, who has drifted apart from Nurse Foster ever since she began her career as a superhero. Over time, Blake and Sif fall in love. Sif uses magic to heal Blake’s leg.

Eventually, the Mangog attempts to unsheath the Odinsword. In the face of Ragnarok both Sif and Thordis return to Asgard. Sif allows Blake to accompany her. Thordis fights the Mangog before waking Odin from his Odinsleep with Mjolnir, allowing the All-Father to undo the Mangog.

In the aftermath, Odin forces Thordis to give Blake her mystic hammer, restoring the doctor to his natural state as Thor. However, Jane has won the respect of Odin and he gifts her with the godhead. He then starts putting the moves on her, and eventually the two are wed. It’s pretty damn weird.


Days of Thunder – December 1964: Journey Into Mystery with The Mighty Thor #111

The Mighty Thor The Mysterious Mr. Hyde and The Serpentine Cobra Feel… “The Power of the Thunder God!”

Written with the mastery of Stan Lee/ Illustrated with the genius of Jack Kirby/ Delineated with the Delicacy of Chic Stone/ Lettered with the India Ink of Artie Simek

jim 111

Thor finds a secure spot to stash the unconscious time warped body of Jane Foster, and once he has done so, he fights Hyde and Cobra. Even at double-strength, they do not pose much of a challenge for the god of thunder.

Meanwhile, in Asgard, Balder does what he can to remind Odin of a time when the king was young and in love. Moved by Balder, Odin decides that while Thor is still forbidden to marry the young Earth girl, she is to be saved from death.

Balder embarks on a quest to reach Hardol, a mystic healer who lives far away, beyond the molten chasm. He rides past swamps of flame, past noxious eternal nightmare plants, and past the Valley of Swords, which is literally filled with upraised swords.

Balder also fights a not-to-be named phantom who’s very touch means death. Balder gambles that if this entity from another universe were to touch his sword, which was forged from a substance also from another universe, the being would be destroyed. His gambit works, and as Balder’s sword returns to his hand, the monster vanishes in a burst of red light.

Back on Earth, Thor is anguished. His time warp cannot be held indefinitely.  To attempt to do so would cause irreparable harm to the universe. As much as he loves Jane he cannot permit the temporal displacement he is creating to continue, and so he drops the warp.

One heart beat later, Balder’s sword drops from the sky. Attached to it is a vial and a note explaining it is for Jane. Thor feeds it to his love. As life returns to her, Balder’s sword slowly rises into the sky, returning to his hands. Fucking epic.

First Appearance: Hardol, Unnamed Phantom Who’s Very Touch Means Death,  The Valley of the Swords

Days of Thunder – November 1964: Journey Into Mystery with The Mighty Thor #110

The Mighty Thor! “Every Hand Against Him!”
Spectacularly written by: Stan Lee/ Magnificently drawn by: Jack Kirby/ Powerfully Inked by: Chic Stone/ Eventually lettered by: Art Simek

Loki has somehow freed himself from Asgardian imprisonment and is now loose on Earth. Having nothing better to do, he posts bail for those losers Mister Hyde and The Cobra so he can magically double the strength of their powers and turn them against his brother. Even with these two jokers’ powers doubled, and Thor’s powers ostensibly still halved, this does not seem like a fight they can win.

Loki tells the criminals that the key to defeating Thor is to kidnap Nurse Jane Foster. The logic of this plan confounds Mister Hyde and Cobra, despite the fact they have both separately kidnapped Jane before. Apparently, Loki can’t just tell them that Blake is Thor due to an unbreakable edict from Odin.

Meanwhile Don and Jane continue to be all touchy-flirty. It’s nice in a nauseating sort of way, but as they close up shop for the day, the Cobra grabs Jane out of a window.  When Thor confronts Cobra and Hyde, they tell him to meet them in 24 hours.

Back on Asgard, Loki is once again showing Odin that Thor will stay his hand to protect Jane Foster. Odin appears before Thor to once again yell at his willful son. This time he is so mad that he banishes Thor from Asgard. Either he forgot that Thor has already been banished from Asgard since Journey Into Mystery #101, or maybe when he told Thor to come back to Asgard with him in Journey #104, that unbanished him, despite Thor refusing to return.

This banishment so angers Thor that it gives him the clarity to see that Loki told those other villains to kidnap his sort-of girlfriend. Enraged, he flies straight to Asgard, despite having just been either banished or double-banished.

Heimdall tries to stop Thor but unlike last time he tried to block Thor’s entrance to Asgard (#101 again), this time Thor pulls out some super hammer whirlwind that he dubs “The Winds of a Thousand Worlds” which momentarily stuns Heimdall. Thor fights his way through a bunch more warriors before finding Loki. Loki plays it cool, denying all involvement but lets his brother know that Jane is in a lowly estate in Jersey.

That’s when Odin barges in ready to beat the insolence out of Thor. Thor tries to explain that he did what he did to defend an innocent. Odin is wiling to suspend his judgment as he casts Thor back to Earth using his mere will.

Thor enters the house that Hyde and The Cobra share. The Cobra throws a tear gas grenade at Thor, which apparently was a good choice because Thor is apparently completely vulnerable to tear gas. As he thrashes about he accidentally sets off an explosion, doing a great deal of damage to the house. Thor and the villains are unharmed but Jane got hit by a great deal of falling rubble and has been terribly injured!
Thor’s beloved is near death, and he cries to Asgard begging to deaf ears that she be saved. Desperate, Thor spins his hammer to create a time warp, which seems to be a variation of his power to create space warps. He envelops the house, making the fabric of time stand still, suspending Jane between life and death, even as Hyde and Cobra approach to continue the fight.

To be continued

First Appearance: The Winds of a Thousand Worlds, Time Warp

Days of Thunder – July 1964: Journey Into Mystery With The Mighty Thor #106

The Mighty Thor “The Thunder God Strkes Back!”
Written Fairly Well By: Stan Lee/ Drawn Not Too Badly By: Jack Kirby/ Inked Kinda Nice By: Chic Stone/ Lettered Pretty Fair By Art Simek

jim 106

When last we left our hero, Thor had lost his hammer to an atomic-powered hydraulic hoist. This issue starts with him running into the crowd to hide his transformation. As the villains hold hostage the attendants of the Metal Machinery Show, Blake makes a deal with the villains: He will again show them how to summon Thor, but first they must retrieve his walking stick, which has become stuck in the same machine that Thor’s hammer is stuck in.

No sooner do the villains return the stick to Blake than he hobbles back into the anonymity of the crowd. This is unexpected and interesting.   Doctor Blake happily broke his word, while Thor would rather conquer the entire planet than break his.  The number of people contained in the Thor/Blake duality remains murky.

Thor fights the villains, capturing the Cobra, while Hyde slinks away pulling the exact same switch-identities trick that Thor pulled.

A short while later Hyde sucker punches Thor, knocking his hammer from his grasp. Thor makes to grab the hammer before the sixty second window closes, but changes his mind. He decides that if he can’t kick the crap out of this loser half-powered and barehanded, then he doesn’t deserve to be Thor. His confidence is not misplaced.

Later, back a the office. Jane Foster is furious! The news has reported the deal that Blake made with the villains and she is furious. Seriously, Kirby doesn’t depict her as comic-melodrama misunderstanding mad, he draws her as truly enraged. With a “To think that I once thought I loved you!!” and a stifled sob, she storms off.

Days of Thunder – June 1964 Journey Into Mystery With The Mighty Thor #105

The Mighty Thor! “The Cobra and Mr. Hyde!”

Written By: Happy Stan Lee, Drawn By: Healthy Jack Kirby, Inked By: Husky Chic Stone, Lettered By: Hasty Art Simek

jim 105

Jane Foster has had it with waiting for Don to make a move. She lets him know that she is going out dancing with some guy named Paul. Spurred by competition, Blake once again considers renouncing his Thor aspect to live a mortal life with Jane. He decides to lock up his walking stick for a day, as a test case.

Jane Foster, out on her date and wearing an ugly hat, decides that Paul sucks. She would rather do dull office work with Dr. Blake than be out with anyone else.

Meanwhile, Mr. Hyde and The Cobra, Thor’s two lamest enemies, decide to team up to find Thor. Hyde has invented a Time Reversal Ray, a machine that shows where a person targeted with it has been. They use this machine to learn that there is some connection between Thor and Doctor Donald Blake, which of course, Hyde already knew. Ah well.

They attack a caneless Blake at the office.  Naturally, Blake has to find a way to access his cane so that he can turn into Thor to defend Jane.   This involves tricking Hyde into ripping open the case that holds Don’s cane and striking it on the ground himself.  Thus do we learn what happens when someone other than Doctor Donald Blake strikes the walking stick on the ground: It turns into the Uru hammer, and falls to the floor in the hands of the unworthy. At the same time, Doctor Blake turns into Thor. This is an eyebrow-raising thing. What if somebody as worthy as Blake had used the stick? Would they have become Thor or is Thor somehow imprinted upon Blake now?

At any rate, Thor and Cobra and Hyde fight a whole bunch, taking the fight to a “Heavy Machinery Show”. It is at the show that the Cobra theorizes that the lifting restriction only applies to humans. He discovers that machines, even human controlled-machines, are capable of lifting Thor’s hammer. He grabs Thor’s hammer with an atomic-powered hydraulic hoist, depositing it within its storage compartment, out of Thor’s grasp.  To be continued.

First Appearance: Paul