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Days of Thunder – March 1973 Marvel Team-Up #7 Featuring Spider-Man and The Mighty Thor

“A Hitch in Time!”

Gerry Conway, Scripter/ Ross Andru, Artist/ Jim Mooney, Inker/ Artie Simek, Letterer/ Roy Thomas, Editor


Thor has randomly wandered into an encounter with Peter Parker, the civilian identity of the young superhero known as Spider-Man. The two start bickering when Thor warns Peter that he is not showing Thor the respect due to a god. Before they can get properly mad at each other, the sky turns weird and in response Thor spins his hammer to create a protective vortex.

After Thor stops his spinning, the duo discovers that the world appears to have become a negative image of itself and has also frozen still. At this point, Peter changes into his Spider-Man costume, catching Thor off-guard.

Before they can discuss matters further, they stumble upon a force of invading Trolls, very much unfrozen and un-negative imaged. As they battle the Trolls, Thor senses the presences of a Troll named Kyrllk, who soon appears before the heroes.

Kryllk is a Troll who has once before attempted to invade Asgard. Some time after that failed attempt, he discoved the Dark Crystal, a powerful artifact capable of freezing time, hidden under Asgard by the cosmic being known as the Watcher. This crystal either psychically gifted Kryllk with visions of power, or the power it emanated drove him utterly mad, it is not clear. Either way, Kryllk has decided to use it to destroy Asgard.

Also, Kryllk refers to Odin as Woden, just as the Demon Druid had.

After freezing all time in the universe, Kryllk feared that Asgard might be defended by heroes from Earth, and so he used the Crystal to send astral forms of himself to Earth to secure his flank. It was there that he encountered Thor and Spidey, only to retreat in the face of their combined power.

Thor and Spider-Man determine that Kryllk has retreated to Asgard. Thor tells Spider-Man that he cannot go to Asgard due to his exile, but he uses Mjolnir to create a portal into Asgard for Spider-Man, nevermind the ban on mortal visitors. Once Spider-Man arrives, he fights his way to Kryllk and defeats him.

Afterward, the Watcher arrives to reclaim his property. He also takes custody of Kryllk and his forces. What he intends to do with them is left unrevealed.

First Appearance: Kryllk, The Dark Crystal


Days of Thunder – July 1972 The Avengers #101

“Five Dooms to Save Tomorrow!”
Stan Lee Presents: Wonderment anew by: Harlan Ellison (story/plot), Roy Thomas (adaptation/script), Rich Buckler (art)/ Dan Adkins (inker) * Jon Costa (letterer)/ (Based on an original story © 1964 by Harlan Ellison and used with permission.)

Avengers 101

Still no gap in The Mighty Thor’s narrative.

A Russian chess grandmaster becomes the poisoning victim of an assassin hiding inside a cutting-edge chess computer named “Nimrod.” He is rushed to the hospital, but the prognosis seems grim. One of the doctors can’t help but wish that they had some way of contacting the mysterious Doctor Donald Blake. “There’s something… uncanny about his diagnoses. Almost as if there were some spark of divine in him.”

The doors swing open dramatically! Standing in the doorway, seeming to radiate light and power is none other than Doctor Blake! He treats the patient and later uses his knowledge of rare toxins to help the Avengers find the assassin.

Doctor Blake has become a mythic super-doctor. Rarely seen, when he emerges, he saves the lives of magicians and gods. Seemingly without any Earthly ties, he is spoken of in hushed tones: “I heard his best friend is Thor from the Avengers.” “I heard he built an atomic-powered android!”

Days of Thunder – October 1969 The Mighty Thor #169

“The Awesome Answer!”
Written and Illustrate by: Stan (The Man) Lee and Jack (King) Kirby/ Inking: George Klein/ Lettering: Artie Simek

Thor 169

A weary Galactus tells Thor his story.

Galactus was once a man. An unnamed inhabitant of the world Taa, during a time when the universe was young, this man alone was immune to a creeping plague that was traveling from world to world.

Eventually this plague came to Taa and killed billions. At the very end, the last few survivors of the plague, this man included, piloted a ship straight into their sun, the largest sun in all the universe. It was a defiant fuck-you blaze of glory for a doomed people.

All the other inhabitants of the ship perished. However, somehow this one man survived and through this crucible was forever changed.

In the stories of the Marvel Universe, there is a being known as the Watcher who has meddled in the affairs of Earth several times.  Despite allegedly being bound by an oath of non-interference, the Watcher has frequently helped shape the events on Earth.  For instance, it was only through his aid that Earth survived the coming of Galactus.  Eons ago, the Watcher found and rescued the man who was to be Galactus after the doomed attempt to fly into the sun.

After all he had been through, some unknown mechanism changed this man into something far different from what he had been.  The Watcher alone wast there to witness this transformation from man into comic force.  The Watcher knew that he was seeing the birth of something terrible.  He could have killed this man before he was reborn, but he stayed his hand.  The die was cast.

This cosmic force, no longer a man, created a ship and raiment and tools for his task. When he was finished,he sealed himself in his incubator cube, which drifted in space for untold centuries until finally he emerged as Galactus.

This story told by Galactus serves as prologue to the events revealed in issue #162.  In that issue it was stated that the war-torn planet that released Galactus was “the planet that gave him birth.”  Maybe his departure from the Incuba-Cell was the  “birth” of Galactus, but maybe the Incuba-Cell fell into orbit around Taa after he sealed himself within.  Untold thousands of years after the plague, civilization began anew.  The new people of Taa would look up to the heavens and wonder what secrets lay with the strange cube in the sky.  Finally the day would come when the Incuba-Cell was cracked open and Taa would die a second death.

Upon the completion of Galactus’ tale, Odin projects himself before Thor. He has heard what he needs to hear, and Thor’s task is complete.  His penance for his Warrior’s Madness paid.

Odin pronounces “Galactus’ time is not yet come!”, before abruptly transporting Thor to Earth, to join his friends in battle against the Thermal Man.

Days of Thunder – September 1969 The Mighty Thor #168

Galactus Found!
All hail this most momentous masterwork, proudly produced by: Stan Lee & Jack Kirby
Embellished by: George Klein/ Lettered by: Artie Simek

THor 168

Thor departs in the Odinship, into the unknown of outer space and is immediately lonely. “Already my heart doth hunger for the sight of Sif– for the glories of Asgard– and the mysteries of Earth!” This homesickness is cut short by the near-immediate capture of the Odinship.

Galactus, knowing that Thor sought him out, has brought the thunder god direct to him, wishing to parlay. With the help of a Visi-Cloud of mist, Galactus prepares to tell Thor his story.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Balder has been joined by Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg who had the same idea a Balder re: protecting the Earth. Much like Thor, they do not believe in paying for things, helping themselves to a newspaper before retreating to Doctor Blake’s apartment, to try to get a handle on this strange world so dear to their friend.

Meanwhile the Chinese army has developed a giant atomic-powered android named “the Thermal Man.” Newly completed, the Thermal Man is rocketed to the United States, sent to destroy all that it finds. It begins attacking the city, but before long it has caught the attention of the four Asgardians who had been slowly wrecking Doctor Blake’s apartment.

First Appearance: a Visi-Cloud