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Days of Thunder – December 1969 The Mighty Thor #171

“The Wrath of the Wrecker!”
Produced and Presented by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the Titans of Thrills! Delineated by Bill Everett, Earl of Embellishment/ Lettered by Sam Rosen, Lord of Legibility/ Refereed by Irving Forbush, Caliph of Confusion

Thor 171

Beloved civil rights leader Pedro Luis Lopez has been shot in New York! Upon hearing the news, Thor rushes to the hospital where the fallen leader has been taken. As Doctor Blake, he offers his services as surgeon. They are readily accepted, although one of his fellow surgeons tries to pry loose some information about Blake’s frequent long, unexplained absences. Blake gives no explanation and gets to work.

As they operate, someone tells Blake “You’ve got to save him! If he dies… the city will be torn by riots!” Blake smugly lies “I would fight to save him even if his passing would be unnoticed by a single man! He is a human being… and as such, his life is sacred!”

Meanwhile, we learn that after his fight with Thor, the Wrecker was indeed captured by the police. He has been kept under sedation ever since, out of concern for the fact that he has strength to rival Thor.   This is almost certainly a violation of his constitutional rights.

Now however,  the criminal has built up a tolerance to the drugs and is awake! He breaks free and finds a crowbar that he believes to be his before heading into New York to search for Thor, who he mistakenly believes defeated him. (You may recall it was Sif controlling the Destroyer who defeated him back in issue #150. She also destroyed the crowbar he was wielding at the time.)

The Wrecker causes enough ruckus on the streets of New York that there are rumblings in the operating theater where Blake is performing. Blake abandons the surgery so that Thor can investigate the disturbance.

Thor finds the Wrecker and they fight.  After the course of the battle takes them into a subway, Thor uses the electricity of the subway’s third rail to give his Uru hammer extra power, with which he is able to drain the powers of the Wrecker, leaving him nothing more than an ordinary mortal.

Blake returns to finish the surgery, saving the life of Lopez. His inquisitive friend doesn’t understand Blake’s behavior and tells him so. “By abandoning your patient, you might have lost him! How can you be so cold… so unfeeling? What kind of man are you?” Blake, who of course has no answer, is becoming a shadowy doctor or mystery.

First Appearance: Pedro Luis Lopez

Days of Thunder – March 1968 The Mighty Thor #150

“Even in Death–”
Presenting: A pictorial monument to the towering talents of: Stan (The Man) Lee and Jack (King) Kirby, creators of wonderment beyond mortal measure! Dazzlingly Delineated by: Vincent Colletta/ Lovingly Lettered by: Sam Rosen/ A living tribute to Marveldom assembled!

thor 150

As Thor lies on the cusp of death, his astral form encounters Hela, Goddess of Death. She beckons him to join her in the shining vales of Valhalla. He demurs, insisting that he must continue to fight the Wrecker.

Meanwhile,  in the Forest of the Norns Sif and Balder get separated and after fighting the Norn Queen’s troll guards, including Barbaric, the Troll Warrior God, they each are captured by the Norn Queen, who we learn is named Karnilla.

Karnilla approaches Sif in the guise of a friend. She shows the warrior goddess her love, lying dead on Midgard. Karnilla tells Sif that the only way to save Thor is to defeat the Wrecker. At this point she reveals that she has come into possession of the Destroyer, last seen in the hands of Odin, and offers to allow Sif to take control of the Destroyer, so that she might defeat the Wrecker.

Sif agrees to the bargain. Her consciousness enters the Destroyer, which the Norn Queen sends to Midgard. Once there, she makes short work of the Wrecker, shattering his crowbar, and blasting him with a force beam. He is quickly down for the count.

As Sif defeats the Wrecker, Thor’s astral form re-enters his body, bringing himself back to life. The Destroyer, which totally could talk the first time Thor encountered it, waves at him, mute. Thor won’t be fooled, he knows the Destroyer lives but to kill.  Never mind that it is a tool wielded by a user, created by his father and as far as he knows, still owned by Odin as well. The still-depowered, mortally-wounded Thor cries “To the death!!” as he charges his imagined foe.

First Appearance: Barbaric

Days of Thunder – February 1968 The Mighty Thor #149

“When Falls a Hero!”
Produced by Stan (The Man) Lee And Jack (King) Kirby (As if you didn’t know!) Embellishment: Vince Colletta/ Lettering: Sam Rosen

thor 149

Apparently all this time that Odin has been watching Thor from Earth, it has not been via some sort of godly Odinsight, but rather through a mystic crystal in Odin’s Chamber of Visions. Now, having been returned to Asgard by the Wrecker, Loki steals that crystal.

Balder and Sif head into the Forest of the Norns to find Loki and the crystal. Meanwhile, the Wrecker throws a building on Thor, killing him.

Days of Thunder – January 1968 The Mighty Thor #148

 “Let there Be… Chaos!”
Is there no limit to the thrills so lavishly bestowed upon us by… Stan (The Man) Lee and Jack (King) Kirby or to the awesome assistance of Vince Colletta, Inker, and Sam Rosen, Letterer?

thor 148

With his bolt, Odin’s has stripped Loki, Sif and Balder of their godly power just as he had previously done to Thor. After Odin chastises them, Loki scampers off. Sif wants to kick Loki’s ass but Thor doesn’t think it would be sporting.

Thor and his friends retreat to Doctor Blake’s office to discuss what to do next. They order some take out. Thor actually pays for his food with Blake’s money. The secret identity thing really isn’t working for Thor.

Meanwhile, Loki rents a seedy room, takes off his coat and helmet and tries to contact his old ally, the Norn Queen. He telepathically petitions her to grant him “power enow to vanquish all who oppose my will!”.  It is at this moment that a crowbar-wielding villain named the Wrecker bursts into Loki’s room.

The Wrecker is a talented criminal who prides himself on his ability to use a crowbar like a scalpel. He had spotted Loki in the window and judged him by his clothes to be a supervillain, and thus to probably have some loot.  As far as he is concerned, that is a compelling reason to knowck out Loki with his crowbar, before putting on Loki’s helmet, because who wouldn’t try on that helmet if it was just sitting there?

This is how the Norn Queen comes to imbue the Wrecker with great Asgardian power.  She mistakes the helmeted figure to be Loki.

When Loki comes to, the Wrecker returns the helmet before using his new power to zap the evil one back to Asgard.

Later, as Thor is trying to explain television to his friends, they catch a news bulletin showing that the Wrecker is rampaging through the city. The three warriors track him down but the villain uses his power to zap Sif and Balder back to Asgard as he did Loki. He wants to fight Thor one-on-one.

First Appearance: The Wrecker